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If health or preference prohibits both from contributing, donor sperm may also be used. Couples denied a license would have to travel twenty to fifty miles to receive a license from another office. Liberty Counsel recently announced that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis , the Kentucky official who refused to sign marriage licenses for gay couples because it supposedly violated her Christian beliefs, had written a memoir or had a book ghost-written for her, I should say. Financial Because LGBT couples frequently require support from a fertility specialist and others to start their families, and many will need to take additional steps to ensure legal protections for their families, careful financial planning is a key consideration. None of them did it for the cash. Davis was held in contempt of court by Federal District Court Judge David Bunning for still refusing to issue licenses after the Supreme Court's order.

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Planning for LGBTQ Parenthood

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Suck it up and do your job. Click the image for the full story. They might be able to get you pointed in the right direction. For the first time ever, Utah guaranteed everyone access to marriage, using the same process for all. In a post on SB Nation's Outsports page on Wednesday, former Kentucky punter Landon Foster pushed a previously closed door into his personal life open, announcing that he is openly gay. Call us to schedule your consultation at If the attorney general could refuse to do his job due to his conscience, so could she, right?

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Orlando, FL Phone: For one of the most successful Kentucky punters in recent memory, things were never easy internally throughout his career — or entire life — until today. Davis for their religious refusals. The Utah Compromise married sorely needed protections against discrimination in housing and hiring for the LGBT community to religious liberty protections for those who adhere to a more traditional view of marriage. In the post, Foster explains that he was in his own "isolate" world at UK, trying to navigate what others defined as perfection for a young man and finding out what it meant for him. Call us to schedule your consultation at

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