Deadly staph infection mrsa strikes gay community

The gene map, published in the Lancet in February , was startling. The study's authors also worry that relaxed feelings about the severity of HIV and the availability of potent antiretroviral therapy "have been driving resurgent epidemics of early syphilis, rectal gonorrhea and new HIV infections in San Francisco, Boston and elsewhere. Then they treated the MRSA microbes with the three-drug combination. MRSA and superbugs Health. It also caused a gangrene-like infection in his extremities that forced doctors to amputate both his legs below the knees, as well as most of his fingertips. Since the late Nineties she's run dozens of studies on bacterial cultures taken from patients at San Francisco General and other city health clinics, in an attempt to identify the mutations in MRSA that confer antibiotic resistance and govern fitness. What was unfortunate, and arguably unforgivable, was that the attention of the world's media had once again been focused on Castro for no other reason than that HIV-positive men leading otherwise healthy lives on antiretroviral medications, and who visited the local hospital to have their boils lanced, were among the most susceptible groups to drug-resistant staph infections.

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New superbug hitting gay men


Milk's murder is part of Castro folklore now, but for all the strides made by gay men in America since, and the supposedly greater tolerance these days for homosexual lifestyles, the threats, and the outrages, keep coming. But though she's tried drug after drug the staph keeps on returning. The treatments were one hundred percent effective. Boston and San Francisco are not the only cities experiencing such outbreaks among gay men. Thanks to the USA scare, it is argued, this could now be sold as a 'public health' initiative. By putting out this report, UCSF has damaged millions of gay men around the world.

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Ned Seligman, who runs a peace corps programme on the island of Sao Tome, off the north coast of South America, lost his limbs in when he picked up a virulent staph infection during a routine visit to his mother's home in Marin County, California. This new strain of MRSA is difficult to treat because it is resistant to methicillin and many more of the antibiotics used to treat the earlier strains. The microbe can also cause pneumonia. Michael Petrelis, a local gay rights advocate and blogger, is calling on residents to remember the lessons of the early Eighties, when gay men were confronted with similar stigmatisation over Aids. A single-celled-organism, its purpose, like that of all living organisms, is to eat, secrete and survive. In the vast majority of cases, this is not serious. Drug-resistant staph infections, also known as MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , can cause a range of medical problems and even lead to death.

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